Our Origin

  • Where the story began

    Located in the beautiful Saroma, Hokkaido. Known for its cool ocean side weather, lush bountiful land and meticulous breeding and care, our top suppliers are regarded as a premium local agricultural corporation. We take extreme pride in providing the best cattle care with their motto, “If you grow it lovingly, the cow will respond properly”. They take pride in taking care of their cows from 2 months from birth, until shipping. The competitive difference that sets our wagyu apart from the rest of cattle farms in all of Japan is the level of care and quality control. The owner personally checks on each and every cattle daily along with the staff to ensure they are being treated with the utmost love and care. The cows are encouraged to roam freely around the greenery.

  • The Wagyu Haus Experience

    The unique taste and tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu beef makes for an unrivalled culinary experience. That is why Wagyu beef has found its way into the arsenal of Gourmet cooks and fine restaurants across the US. Not only is it a gastronomic delight, but it’s healthy for you too. Beyond the beef grading system focused on marbling, Wagyu Haus offers BMS grading of 10 - 12 wagyu beef carefully selected and packaged by our team. We seek to provide the highest quality wagyu available for the best culinary experience.

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