Understanding the Different Cuts of Wagyu Beef

Knowing what kind of Wagyu steak you’re shopping for will help you choose the best cut of meat every time!


Before you begin shopping for Japanese A5 Wagyu beef online, you’ll want to decide which cut best meets your dining needs. Are you planning to enjoy Wagyu shabu shabu? Are you learning how to cook Wagyu beef for the first time? Or, maybe you plan on buying a Wagyu ribeye to slice and serve for friends.

Unlike other cows butchered for beef, Wagyu beef is only sold in a few select cuts. These cuts of meat highlight the very best part of Wagyu beef, the deep, rich marbling. Before you set out to find the perfect cut of Japanese A5 Wagyu, take a look at our guide to Wagyu beef cuts for the best shopping experience.


Wagyu Ribeye

A5 Wagyu ribeyes are exquisite pieces of meat full of lacey fat marbling. Ribeyes are taken from the center of the cow, in an area between the shoulder and the loin. More specifically, Wagyu ribeyes are cut from between the sixth and twelfth ribs of the animal.

When buying Wagyu ribeyes online, it’s important to remember that authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu beef ribeyes will always be boneless. If you come across a bone-in ribeye, especially one advertised as ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ be aware that this is not imported Japanese Wagyu beef, rather, it is from a Wagyu cross.


Wagyu Filet Mignon

Japanese A5 Wagyu beef filet mignons are cut from the small end of the animal’s tenderloin. The average commercial beef filet mignon is quite soft, so you can imagine how much richer and supple a Japanese A5 Wagyu filet mignon is with its beautiful marbling. This universally loved cut of meat retains its tenderness because the muscles that make up the tenderloin do not bear any of the animal’s weight.

A fun fact about filet mignon: August 13th is National Filet Mignon day!


Wagyu Striploin

The striploin is a high-end cut of meat that comes from right behind the rib cage. Wagyu striploins have an unmistakable beef flavor that’s enhanced by abundant marbling, which makes them popular with chefs everywhere. A5 Wagyu striploins are a versatile piece of meat, with a high level of marbling, and just a bit more tenderness than the Wagyu ribeye.


Wagyu Sliced Chuck Roll

Wagyu chuck roll is boneless, fatty and a mix of tender and sturdier meat textures. The chuck roll comes from an area between the backbone and the ribs, and is closer to the head and neck than the ribeye. The location of the meat makes it perfect for Wagyu shabu shabu, because the long ribbons of marble sizzle and melt when seared.

The flavors of Wagyu chuck roll tend to be rich and umami-like.


Wagyu Tenderloin

The tenderloin is a long piece of meat on the hindquarter of the cow. Wagyu tenderloin can be cut into steaks, or turned into a showstopping Chateaubriand. 

Whole Wagyu tenderloin is one of the most desired meats in the world because just about 1% of the cow is used for the tenderloin. When shopping for A5 Wagyu tenderloin, keep in mind that because the very end of this cut is also used for Wagyu filet mignon, it can be quite expensive.


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